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Current and Future Needs for Human Resources for Ethiopia’s National Health Information System: Survey and Forecasting Study


Strengthening the national health information system is one of Ethiopia’s priority transformation agendas. A well-trained and competent workforce is the essential ingredient to a strong health information system. However, this workforce has neither been quantified nor characterized well, and there is no roadmap of required human resources to enhance the national health information system.

Using document reviews, key informant interviews, and survey methods, this study aimed to determine the current state of the health information system workforce and to forecast the human resources needed for the health information system by 2030. 


Binyam Tilahun, Berhanu F Endehabtu, Kassahun D Gashu, Zeleke A Mekonnen, Netsanet Animut, Hiwot Belay, Wubshet Denboba, Hibret Alemu, Mesoud Mohammed, Biruk Abate, 

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