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Country Program in Review Haiti January 2019


This document provides an overview of APC’s work with USAID from 2014 to September 2017 to support 11 local organizations whose missions range from providing health care and outreach to specific populations—such as prisoners, disabled people, and schoolchildren—to distributing medical commodities countrywide. APC built organizational and staff capacity to ensure that grantees could implement operational and technical programs in alignment with their USAID award and deliver high-quality services. APC provided intensive competency-based capacity building support targeted to the specific needs of each of the 11 organizations. APC conducted an organizational capacity assessment (OCA) of each grantee to identify its areas of need, which the project supported with capacity building including financial, performance, and organizational management. USAID and APC sought to implement improvements by supporting local organizations and funding a results-based financing (RBF) initiative that is improving health services and accountability within the health system.

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