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Count every newborn; a measurement improvement roadmap for coverage data

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Globally, newborn deaths account for at least 44% of all deaths of children under the age of five. Launched in 2014, the Every Newborn Action Plan, developed by a consortium of international aid foundations, government agencies, academic institutions, and NGOs, provides a road map for ending preventable newborn deaths and stillbirths. The Every Newborn movement focuses on three streams of work to achieve its objectives: 1) Country Advocacy, 2) Advocacy, and 3) Data Metrics.

For this study, published in the BMC journal Pregnancy and Childbirth's special Every Woman, Every Newborn supplement, researchers developed a matrix of 70 indicators were assessed by the Every Newborn steering group. Indicators were graded based on their availability and importance to ENAP, resulting in 10 core and 10 additional indicators. A consultation process was undertaken to assess the status of each ENAP core indicator definition, data availability and measurement feasibility. Coverage indicators for the specific ENAP treatment interventions were assigned task teams and given priority as they were identified as requiring the most technical work.

Authors: Sarah G Moxon; Harriet Ruysen; Kate J Kerber; Agbessi Amouzou; Suzanne Fournier; John Grove; Allisyn C Moran; Lara ME Vaz; Hannah Blencowe; Niall Conroy; A Metin Gülmezoglu; Joshua P Vogel; Barbara Rawlins; Rubayet Sayed; Kathleen Hill; Donna Vivio; Shamim A Qazi; Deborah Sitrin; Anna C Seale; Steve Wall; Troy Jacobs; Juan Gabriel Ruiz Peláez; Tanya Guenther; Patricia S Coffey; Penny Dawson; Tanya Marchant; Peter Waiswa; Ashok Deorari; Christabel Enweronu-Laryea; Shams El Arifeen; Anne CC Lee; Matthews Mathai; and Joy E Lawn

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