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Condom and Lubricant Manufactures Survey


In 2015, several condom manufacturers joined donor agencies to form a coalition whose main goal is to provide 20 billion condoms to low-and middle-income countries by 2020. Between August and October 2017, AIDSFree conducted research on barriers that prevent condom manufacturers from entering the African market. AIDSFree used a self-administered semi-structured questionnaire and in-depth interviews to collect information.

Nineteen manufacturers—including the biggest male condom manufacturer in the world and all three female condom-producing companies—from 12 countries participated in the research. They identified high-risk of insufficient return on investment, inefficient distribution channels, low purchasing power of targeted populations, lengthy and costly registration processes, free and subsidized condoms, and difficulty to vet financially strong local partners as the biggest barriers to entering the African condom market. Other barriers were macroeconomic and market-specific challenges related to government, currency stability, and trade policies.

Research respondents and AIDSFree analysts had suggestions for how African governments might create an enabling environment for market entry. These included harmonizing regulatory standards, providing tax exemptions and incentives, reducing registration processing times and fees, facilitating adequate financing of local condom distributors, and establishing a public-private partnership for a healthy condom market. The authors recommended that donor agencies and governments limit free and subsidized condoms to intended recipients (key and poor populations) exclusively and dedicate funds for demand generation and promotion activities to expand the condom market and make it more attractive. JSI/AIDSFree Project. 2020.

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