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Complexity-aware Monitoring Approaches: An Overview


Complexity-aware monitoring complements traditional monitoring methods by taking into account the uncertain and changing nature of complex situations. Methods that are "complexity-aware" enable us to address the inherent complexity of development programs when there are many competing variables, environments are uncertain, the causal pathways to outcomes are unclear, and stakeholders bring diverse perspectives. Within the MOMENTUM suite of awards, many interventions will be complex. The Guide to Complexity-aware Monitoring Approaches for MOMENTUM Projects builds on the MOMENTUM Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Framework.

The guide helps MOMENTUM implementing partners, their counterparts at USAID, and other users compare and select from nine complexity-aware monitoring approaches to answer key questions on outcomes related to the project causal framework and factors that contribute to outcomes. It will help programs test critical assumptions and adjust program implementation promptly when needed.

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