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Community Score Card: MAHEFA’s innovative approach for improving the quality of community health services


The Community Score Card (CSC) approach solicits direct feedback from service users and initiates a dialogue between users and health service providers. The CSC approach allows communities and local health care providers to work together to improve services. Compared to other social accountability tools, the CSC approach requires little to no technology and is easily replicable for larger scale implementation. Unlike traditional administrative monitoring systems, the CSC method directly involves community actors and focuses on rapid local public disclosure of feedback versus a lengthy centralized process. The CSC requires sharing information with users on service norms and on aspects of service they can work with providers to improve. In some cases, it may promote an element of competition as it can involve comparing the performance of service from different providers1. The MAHEFA program used the CSC approach and tool to improve the quality of health services provided by 6,052 community health volunteers (CHVs) in its six program regions. JSI / USAID | CBIHP 2016

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