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Community Health Volunteers and Malaria: Their contribution in malaria prevention, screening, and treatment


Community health programs have emerged as one of the most effective strategies to address shortages in human resources for health while improving access to and quality of primary healthcare. Despite a recent decline, malaria still represents a serious health problem in Madagascar, with 100% of the population at risk. Children are particularly vulnerable to contracting malaria and are at greater risk for experiencing severe diseases or death as a result.

MAHEFA supported community health volunteers to implement various activities for malaria prevention and case management. The project conducted prevention through behavior change communication (BCC) strategies, assessment of sick children, treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT), and promotion of care-seeking and referral.

This technical brief highlights the CHV role in malaria case management, approaches, results, and lessons learned. JSI / USAID | CBIHP, 2016.

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