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Community Health Volunteer Incentives: MAHEFA’s multi-faceted approach for sustaining motivation


Global initiatives, research, and investment reflect renewed interest in the role of community health volunteers (CHVs) in strengthening health systems and extending access to health services. Since CHVs are not salaried members of the health system and since much of the strength of community health activities depends on their effectiveness, it is important to understand what motivates them and to integrate motivation activities into community health programs to strengthen quality of services and ensure high retention rates.

CHVs are a part of, and simultaneously are influenced by the larger cultural and political environment in which they work. In addition, their motivation and retention as active volunteers is influenced by the role they play within their community context. Inherent CHV characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity and economic status affect how they are perceived by community members and their ability to work effectively. MAHEFA built the capacity of this important cadre of workers to address the comprehensive needs of vulnerable women, children and families in six regions in Madagascar. In order to optimize quality and long term sustainability of their work MAHEFA used a multi-faceted approach to address motivation among 6,052 CHVs. JSI / USAID | CBIHP, 2016.

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