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Case Study: Twinning Partnerships A Tested Strategy to Accelerate Woreda Transformation


In the past two decades, the government of Ethiopia has been implementing its health sector development programs and invested heavily in health systems strengthening in an effort to meet the Millennium Development Goals. The Federal Ministry of Health developed a five-year Health Sector Transformation Plan to further reduce preventable deaths in mothers and children under five years of age. The plan seeks to transform woreda (district) health offices into high-performing entities that can help Ethiopia realize its goal of a healthy, productive, and prosperous people.

The USAID-funded Transform: Primary Health Care project has adopted the World Health Organization’s twinning partnership strategy and has begun providing technical and other support to implement activities. This case study describes Transform’s first twinning partnership. 

The main principle of twinning is to establish a “win-win” relationship based on a commitment between woredas to collaborate for at least one full year. JSI/USAID Transform Project. 2020.

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