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Case Study: Supply Chain Risk Management, USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Task Order 5


In 2010, the management team of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT task order for procurement and distribution of essential public health supplies (Task Order 5) met in a workshop with USAID representatives and technical assistance consultants to begin a completely different approach to managing their activities.

The stated objective of Task Order 5 was to improve how they provide public health commodities to USAID-supported programs; the goal was a targeted delivery-to-promise of 95 percent. The new approach sought to do two things:
1) identify the risk events that caused the most interference in reaching mission objectives, and
2) direct management attention to strategies explicitly focused on dealing with these risk events.

This case study highlights the drivers and components of the risk management approach and a general evaluation of the approach. JSI/DELIVER PROJECT. 2013.

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