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Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School Cohort Study Technical Brief


To measure changes plausibly brought about by the farmer nutrition school (FNS) program when implemented at scale, this study surveyed a cohort of women who participated in the FNS curriculum beginning in November 2014.

The study collected data from a cohort of 440 women in 38 upazilas and interviewed participant women three times: before the beginning of the FNS sessions (phase 1), immediately after the FNS sessions were completed (phase 2), and one year after the completion of FNS activities (phase 3). The survey included questions about household socio-demographic characteristics, homestead food production, the consumption of poultry and fish, hygiene practices, dietary diversity of PLW, breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices of infants and young children, and the health and nutrition knowledge of the participants.

This brief summarizes the findings from the study found in the full report. JSI/SPRING Project. 2017.

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