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Assisted Partner Notification Improves HIV Testing Yield to Achieve the First 95


According to UPHIA (2016-2017), only 84% of people living with HIV know their status. The Uganda National Guidelines (2018) recommends assisted partner notification (APN) as a critical strategy to reach and identify at-risk individuals to meet UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets. Assisted partner notification provides comprehensive services for persons infected with HIV or STIs and their partners, with a focus on index clients who are newly diagnosed HIV positive, have non-suppressed viral loads, or have a new sexually transmitted infection or partner.

This poster presents analysis showing high yield through APN, and specifically that more HIV positive women (55%) were identified through APN (yield of 30%) compared to men (yield of 27%). This poster was presented at the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference. 

Authors: Pamela Donggo, Samuel Engulu, Gilbert Sangadi, Med Makumbi, 

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