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Are Procured Quantities of Implants Adequate and Appropriate? Modeling Procurement, Inventory, and Consumption of Contraceptive Implants During Rapid Uptake

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Donors and others were concerned that implants procured under the Family Planning 2020 Initiative exceeded the number sought by clients, resulting in accumulating stocks. This issue was examined by looking at data from nine countries using a model that incorporates public-sector supply chain system parameters to calculate system "imputed" inventory and the system "filled to max" inventory. Comparing the results determined the adequacy of the procurement quantities. There was not a standard factor found for relating inventory quantities to consumption rates across countries, given that inventory needs can vary based on system design parameters and the rates of growth or decline in consumption. Study results show that the significant investments in procurement quantities for the rapidly growing implant programs were justified based on consumption and system design. It also assures observers that rapid increases in implant procurement quantities have generally not resulted in overstocks of the system to date. It also suggests that the relationship between procurement quantities and consumption levels cannot be accurately assessed without understanding country supply chain, inventory control parameters, and current and future demand.

Authors: Laila Akhlaghi, Alexis Heaton, Yasmin Chandani

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