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AIDSFree Tanzania SPPCHS End of Project Summary


This End of Project Summary presents The Strengthening High Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) Project’s Tanzania Police and Prisons programmatic achievements from January 1, 2015 to March 30, 2020.

Under the Strengthening Police and Prison Comprehensive HIV Services (SPPCHS) Project, in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, AIDSFree improved the quality of comprehensive HIV and TB prevention, treatment, care, and support services at high-volume police and prison facilities in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. SPPCHS supported HIV interventions, including facilitating easier access to life-saving treatment, both in facilities and in high-risk populations in adjacent communities.

AIDSFree SPPCHS worked in 22 regions in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, providing full HIV services for HIV and tuberculosis for 55 police and prison facilities, and nearby communities. JSI/AIDSFree. 2020.

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