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Addressing the Parallel Risks of Pregnancy and HIV: AIDSFree JUA Program for Pregnant Adolescents, Adolescent Mothers, and their Children in Kenya


From 2017 to 2019, the AIDSFree Jielimishe Uzazi na Afya (JUA) program worked with pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers (age 10-19) and their children (through two years old). In this innovative case management model, home visiting teams helped clients access HIV and the other health and social services necessary for young mothers and their children to survive and thrive.

This report highlights the JUA program approach and results. Home visiting teams (HVTs) used a vulnerability screening tool, which provides an assessment of a potential client’s vulnerability, looking at HIV status, and other factors including school status of the adolescent, and physical disabilities, among others. More than 167 people were trained as HVTs. These mentors, household facilitators, and supervisors identified and engaged with 960 pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers, enrolling 384 of them in the JUA program. JSI/AIDSFree Program. 2019.

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