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Adapting Differentiated Service Delivery Models for Unstable Clients


In Uganda, HIV care services, including antiretroviral therapy (ART), are provided through differentiated service delivery models, which are used to improve prevention, identification, diagnosis, treatment, and support for people who require HIV services. The models adapt the location, providers, frequency, and intensity of services to meet client needs and desires. Though usually reserved for stable clients, USAID’s Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services-North, Lango (RHITES-N, Lango) project uses these approaches for unstable clients, defined as “ART naïve clients and those with unsuppressed viral load (VL) results“ to improve client outcomes. This poster was presented at the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference. 

Authors: G. Sangadi, S. Maher, P. Donggo, N. Brady, A. Austin, M. Makumbi, 2020

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