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Achieving the Grand Convergence – A Case for Investing in Family Planning Supplies and Supply Chains


In 2013 the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health released the Global Health 2035 report. This visionary report asserted that we can achieve significant health gains in low-and middle-income countries by 2035, thus achieving a grand convergence. Aligned with Global Health 2035, a new report—Advancing Social and Economic Development by Investing in Women’s and Children’s Health: a New Global Investment Framework—mapped the health, economic, and social gains resulting from a greater investment in women’s and children’s health during the same time period. Contraceptive commodity costs and the associated supply chain operational costs required to minimize the unmet need for family planning are important elements of the overall Framework costs.

JSI's USAID | DELIVER PROJECT collaborated with the Framework authors to present this new companion piece; it outlines the contraceptive commodity costs and related supply chain costs. The findings are disaggregated by region and key constituency needs. By knowing these costs, international donors, governments, and program managers can ensure that funds are available to meet commitments for increased access to comprehensive family planning commodities and services. JSI/USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 2016.

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