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A review of nutrition-related service delivery packages: What they train providers to deliver

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To increase coverage of the nutrition and health needs of infants and young children, governments, donors and implementing organisations have developed a range of service delivery packages – often including training materials, job aids such as counselling cards or decision algorithms and monitoring and supervision tools. Unfortunately, these service delivery packages are rarely rolled out at scale and, therefore, services are inconsistent across countries and even regions within the same country (Lutter et al., 2011; Gillespie et al., 2015; WHO, 2018; Development Initiatives, 2020). In response, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Advancing Nutrition project reviewed prominent, globally recognised service delivery packages to enable government and non-governmental implementing partners and their programme managers to better harmonise, combine or adapt the packages or to introduce, strengthen or expand them. The review also focuses on assessment, treatment and counselling knowledge and skills that providers are taught to support infant and young child nutrition (IYCN).

This paper summarises the findings from USAID Advancing Nutrition's review of six of those packages.

Authors: Sasha Lamstein and Kelsey Torres

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