Zambia Defense Force Health System Strengthening



NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center San Diego



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As part of its continued support for capacity building and strengthening of the Zambia Defense Forces Medical Services (DFMS), JSI collaborated with the DFMS to develop improved health supply systems in the three branches of the military. Having developed inventory control and logistics management information systems for ARVs and HIV tests, JSI then built on the work and built capacity and provided technical support to the Zambia Defense Force (ZDF) facilities.

Additionally, DFMS, with support from JSI, conducted an assessment of supply chain management of laboratory commodities in ZDF health facilities. Under this program, JSI supported DFMS to develop and implement an inventory control and logistics management information system for laboratory commodities.

JSI received a grant from the Department of Defense, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center in San Diego, to strengthen the capacity of the ZDF to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate effective and sustainable health supply systems to ensure the continuous availability of ARVs, HIV test, and laboratory commodities in health facilities in the three branches of the military.

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