Young Adult Binge Drinking & Marijuana Prevention: A Partnership for Success



State of New Hampshire


United States

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In 2019, we evaluated the Binge-Free 603: What’s Your Reason? campaign for re-launch. Additional creative was produced after the second round of market research was conducted. The campaign launched in 2019 on digital and social (https://bingefree603.org/). A campaign variation was added for adults 18-24 and 25-64 "Sober Curious". Evaluation of both campaigns will be conducted in the Spring of 2020.


For the first round of the Binge-Free 603: What’s Your Reason? campaign, we conducted formative research to inform a public health prevention campaign targeting NH young adults, aged 21-25, identified as most likely to engage in the misuse of alcohol. The campaign addresses binge drinking behaviors and utilizes social norming and peer crowds to reach a specific segment of the NH population. We used a social marketing approach as the strategic planning framework for developing the campaign.

The resulting campaign launched with a targeted digital campaign on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google; the campaign included video, a customized Snapchat filter utilizing geo-targeting as well as a contest for young adults to share their reasons why they don’t overdo it when they drink.

The first Binge-Free 603: What’s Your Reason campaign received the 2018 Berreth Gold Award – for Excellence in Health Marketing from the National Public Health Information Coalition.


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