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Taking a human-centered design approach, the Vx Data Insights project will work to uncover and prioritize pain-points and challenges that healthcare workers and managers encounter in delivering immunization services and monitoring progress. A joint effort between Sonder Collective and John Snow Inc., the project, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is being conducted in Kenya, DRC, and Mozambique.

The project aims to generate rich, context-specific insights which will be used to identify new opportunity areas, help develop and prioritize potential solutions, and inform the global as well as the country-level Global Delivery Data Strategy. The work explores both commonalities across countries as well as context-specific elements, and it is a first step to develop interventions (technical, behavioral, and organizational) that address and support the motivations and behavioral drivers of critical actors in the system.

Through the use of the human-centered design approach, the team aims to understand system challenges, which to a large extent have already been documented by previous studies, but from the system-user perspective. By investigating the experiences, motivations, and pain points of the individuals that make up the vaccine data ecosystem, we will gain grounded, specific insights and understand their root causes.

To learn more about the project and initial findings from our research in Kenya, check out our blog series.


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