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Taking a human-centered design approach, the Vx Data Insights project worked to uncover and prioritize pain-points and challenges that healthcare workers and managers encounter in delivering immunization services and monitoring progress. A joint effort between Sonder Collective and John Snow Inc., the project, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was conducted in Kenya, DRC, and Mozambique.

The project generated rich, context-specific insights which will be used to identify new opportunity areas, help develop and prioritize potential solutions, and inform the global as well as the country-level Global Delivery Data Strategy. The work explored both commonalities across countries as well as context-specific elements, and was a first step to develop interventions (technical, behavioral, and organizational) that address and support the motivations and behavioral drivers of critical actors in the system.

Through the use of the human-centered design approach, the team aimed to understand system challenges, which to a large extent have already been documented by previous studies, but from the system-user perspective. By investigating the experiences, motivations, and pain points of the individuals that make up the vaccine data ecosystem, the project produced grounded, specific insights, leading to a better understanding of their root causes.

To learn more about the project and its findings, visit the project website and explore the:


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