Turkmenistan Together for Health Project (formerly the Turkmenistan Youth Centers Project) (USAID)






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The government of Turkmenistan, local NGOs, and international organizations have been working to improve and support gender-sensitive and sustainable health services for the youth of Turkmenistan. The government of Turkmenistan wants to ensure that adequate and appropriate services keep youth and other high-risk groups including children with disabilities and key populations (e.g., people who inject drugs, sex workers) protected.

Building upon progress from the Turkmenistan Youth Centers Project, the Together for Health project brought together organizations working with youth and key populations to continue to change the landscape of HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STI), and TB prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion in Turkmenistan.

Together for Health’s vision was that youth and other key populations have the knowledge and skills to prevent HIV, STIs, and TB and to make healthy lifestyle choices, ultimately contributing to the health of their families and communities and increasing their opportunities for healthy, productive futures.

Through training youth and members of key populations to provide outreach services, Together for Health provided forums for youth and other key populations (male and female) to gain the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and confidence to mitigate the effects of negative or non-supportive socio-cultural and environmental factors that could otherwise influence them to engage in risky behaviors.

The project’s scope included activities that reached new populations (e.g., disabled youth, key populations) to promote healthy lifestyles; HIV, STI, and TB prevention services; and awareness. The project also supported the development of HIV prevention training materials in collaboration with Turkmenistan’s national HIV prevention center, collaborating with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and local NGOs working with youth to carry out healthy lifestyle activities.

The project worked to strengthen the sustainability of TB and HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle approaches at the national level, as well as partnerships with the private sector, including Chevron. The project reached more than 73,700 youth with TB, HIV, and lifestyle promotion messages.



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