Technical Support for Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in 37 States and UTs of India (India RVVI)



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To address the high burden of childhood disease and deaths from diarrhea due to the rotavirus infection, the Government of India (GoI) introduced the rotavirus vaccine in a phased manner beginning in 2016. The country-wide scale up was completed in 2019. Since 2016, JSI has been helping to strengthen the introduction of rotavirus vaccine into the routine immunization (RI) system in all Indian states through technical support and oversight based on in-depth knowledge of the local context as well as years of experience in new vaccine introduction (NVI) in many countries.

The project is helping to build the technical capacity of these state and district governments to oversee a comprehensive and quality vaccine introduction. JSI's technical assistance is helping to ensure that all components of new vaccine introduction are carefully planned for, resources are identified, staff are trained, the cold chain is equipped, reporting tools are in place, and all other necessary preparations are made to ensure the smooth introduction of the vaccine and its integration into routine immunization services in these states.

JSI is facilitating the most critical trainings, meetings, and development of respective materials, to ensure that the rotavirus vaccine is rolled out in a timely manner. Health staff are being well equipped to safely and successfully administer the vaccine. The vaccine introduction is also used as an opportunity to strengthen the routine immunization system. Post-introduction, JSI is supporting the government in closely monitoring the field implementation, program review, and also post introduction evaluation. Also, JSI is supporting in documentation of the learnings and best practices.



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