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JSI has been supporting the immunization program in Mozambique for several years, most directly implementing Reaching Every District and Reaching Every Community (RED/REC) in three priority provinces in Mozambique (Sofala, Manica and Nampula) over the past year with Gavi PEF support, and in two provinces (Nampula and Sofala) for the prior three years as part of the USAID-funded Maternal Child Survival Program (MCSP).

RED was first developed as an approach to build district-level capacity for planning and monitoring in order to address common obstacles to increasing immunization coverage. RED has since been adapted to Reaching Every Community (REC), introducing micro-planning at the community/health facility level to monitor immunization status and identify children who have missed out on immunization, introduce innovative solutions to address inequities, and improve the commitment and allocation of resources to improve overall coverage.

Additionally, at the national level, JSI will continue providing the link to RED/REC activities in the provinces, and extend TA to roll out the target population estimate methodology and provide support for strengthened data quality and use in collaboration with VillageReach, WHO, and Acasus.

The key objectives are to 1) increase the provincial MOH capacity to planning and implement RED/REC components, especially at health facilities in the RED/REC priority districts; and 2) support national level EPI to provide guidance on immunization programming and specifically to improve data analysis process, including using more accurate target population estimates. 

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