QuitNow-NH: Tobacco Treatment eLearning Modules for Healthcare Providers

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Since 2008, JSI has developed and launched multiple statewide marketing campaigns for the State of NH to promote awareness and utilization of QuitNowNH.org and 1-800-QUIT-NOW services. Campaigns have been targeted over the years to the general NH population, low socioeconomic status individuals, and women of childbearing age.

In SFY18 and SFY19 JSI researched and developed E-learning Modules to support clinicians in treating patients with tobacco dependence. Thereby increasing clinician awareness and utilization of QuitNow-NH tobacco treatment quitline services. The formative research included: an environmental scan to determine how national health organizations disseminated educational information to busy clinicians, research of the literature, and studying current QuitNow-NH utilization data. Based on those efforts, key informant interviews were conducted with community and family health center providers, and subject matter experts were invited to participate in an advisory group for the purpose of establishing five E-learning modules and their content.

Five 30 minute modules with .5 no-cost, professional educational credits were created. The following 30-minute E-learning modules can be viewed at QuitNow-NH’s clinical website:

  • Engaging Your Patients to Quit Tobacco: Fundamentals of QuitNow-NH
  • Ask, Assist, Refer: Engaging Your Patients to Quit Tobacco
  • Pharmacotherapy: Tobacco Treatment with Your Patients
  • Engaging Your Patients to Quit Tobacco: Motivational Interviewing
  • Supporting Pregnant and Postpartum Women to Quit Tobacco

In 2018 JSI launched a digital campaign to promote the E-learning modules to healthcare professionals. The digital marketing campaign ran for three months promoting the five E-learning modules, targeting healthcare professionals on Facebook, LinkedIn, and with Google Search advertisements. On-going A/B testing of users of these social media accounts optimized the best performing imagery and a copy of the digital advertisements. The Google Search campaign resulted in 5,890 impressions and 68 clicks to the E-learning landing page on the QuitWorks-NH website. The Facebook campaign reached 18,124 people and generated 888 clicks to the landing page. The LinkedIn campaign resulted in 34,475 impressions and generated 183 clicks.

Honors/Awards: Recognized by CDC and the North American Quitline Consortium for TobaccoWeb.

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