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JSI is assisting the New Hampshire Oral Health Program (OHP) with the development and implementation of an unbiased application process for selecting school-based and community-based oral health services sub-recipients in order to increase access to statewide preventative services to low-income, uninsured and underinsured children and adolescents, including those enrolled in NH Medicaid.

JSI understands that school-based and school-linked dental sealant programs have the potential to link students with treatment and ongoing care in a dental home in the community where dental care should be comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered. To help increase the reach of school-based oral health programs, JSI is working in close collaboration with the OHP to prepare for a Basic Screening Survey (BSS) for New Hampshire Third Graders. This effort facilitates an update to the New Hampshire 2013-14 Healthy Smiles – Healthy Growth Third Grade Survey.

JSI is collaborating with OHP, the NH Dental Society, the NH Dental Hygienists' Association, and our own Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Center Team as a way to reach out to the appropriate dental centers and is engaging dental centers to work with SUD treatment centers to promote oral health services and referrals for dental treatment. JSI has created a training to educate dental providers about the importance of screening patients for SUD prior to treatment and incorporating dental screenings/exams into the intake process for patients entering SUD treatment/recovery facilities. JSI is conducting research and working with OHP to understand the current NH facilitation of referral relationships between treatment/recovery centers and dental centers and dentists, especially for prompt treatment of urgent dental conditions, in order to increase referrals.

JSI is assisting the OHP with project management for the HRSA Oral Health Workforce grant, including activities related to development and delivery of education in Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (DHPSAs) for dentists on the use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), integration of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), and for dentists and emergency department physicians, prescribing for dental pain management.

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