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New Hampshire had a lower prevalence rate of diabetes than many states, but the demographics of the state were changing. As the NH population aged, the number of people expected to develop diabetes was expected to increase significantly. According to data from a forecasting model by the Institute for Alternative Futures Diabetes, approximately 93,400 NH residents have been diagnosed with diabetes while an additional 371,000 were estimated to have pre-diabetes. The model estimates 108,700 of those with pre-diabetes are seniors. Additionally, they estimate 46,000 live with diabetes, but are unaware of their condition.

Under the guidance of the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, JSI led a diabetes program that developed, managed, and evaluated a statewide campaign targeting NH adults who were at high-risk for Type 2 diabetes, and to educate NH adults on pre-diabetes and the National Diabetes Prevention Program to prevent or delay the development of Type 2 diabetes.

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