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Since 2003, we have assisted the NH Division of Public Health Services and local partners in efforts to prepare for public health emergencies, including pandemics. Based on this expertise, we began supporting New Hampshire's COVID-19 response starting in March 2020. As the response has evolved, our staff have served in a variety of roles depending on the need, including leading the Contact Tracing, Epidemiology & Surveillance, and Investigation Branches, leading teams to investigate outbreaks at school and business settings, serving as the administrator for the state's web-based contact tracing platform, and assisting in the development of social media messages.

Our staff have led or supported efforts to:

  • Write protocols and scripts for exposed contact notification and monitoring, case interviews, and patient monitoring, and exposure investigations in schools and other institutions.
  • Implement a web-based contract tracing platform to more efficiently notify and interview a high volume of exposed contacts and confirmed cases.
  • Train new response staff on contact tracing, case investigation, and data management.
  • Conduct contact tracing investigations, including making calls to confirmed cases, exposed contacts, business owners, and other organizational setting representatives.
  • Coordinate data acquisition, analysis, and report preparation for COVID-19 dashboards and other pandemic-related data analysis projects.

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