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This one-year project, implemented by JSI Research and Training, Inc. (JSI) and funded by Merck Sharpe, and Dohme, is focused on defining and producing guidance on the key elements of HPV delivery systems that are critical to fully vaccinating girls against HPV. Our approach employs the following strategies:

  • Conduct an evidence-based analysis to delineate the root causes of low HPV vaccination rates and the drivers that enable high HPV vaccination coverage. The analysis features a desk review of the relevant published and grey literature, as well as key informant interviews and focus group discussions at global and country levels to gather and synthesize best practices, common challenges, and expert guidance related to creating and sustaining a strong HPV vaccine delivery system.
  • Apply the findings of the evidence-based analysis to develop a framework for guiding and strengthening HPV delivery systems worldwide. The framework will include a tool for assessing a country’s HPV vaccine delivery system to identify strengths and gaps, a discussion of strategies and enabling factors shown to advance HPV coverage, and a small selection of brief country case studies illustrating strategies and enabling factors that have led to increased uptake and high-performing programs.
  • Promote and disseminate the framework, learnings, and country case studies. A preliminary dissemination plan will be developed that defines primary and secondary audiences for sharing the framework and case studies. We anticipate that the framework will need to be pilot tested by country-level stakeholders and updated based on the results. Full dissemination will occur after pilot testing.

JSI carries out this project independently, with no influence from the funder. The findings will be publicly available.

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