MEASURE Evaluation Tanzania Associate Award

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JSI enhanced the skills of district staff and service providers in Zanzibar and the Mainland, Tanzania, through ongoing technical support to ensure data collected and entered into the DHIS2 system is of high quality and relevancy

The MEASURE Evaluation Tanzania Associate Award supported the Government of Tanzania (GoT) in the roll-out and implementation of DHIS2. The project provided ongoing technical support to ensure data collected and entered into the system are of high quality and relevancy, and used for program planning and decision-making.

To achieve this, JSI supported the development of the MESI annual operational plan and conduct HMIS support activities in line with that plan. The activities were done with a view to establishing a culture of routine self-monitoring and use of DHIS2 data within the districts and health facilities, and were designed to leave a legacy of well-trained staff at all levels who know their roles and responsibilities as well as a strong infrastructure of tools and systems.

Such assistance included a range of:

  • Supporting the roll-out of the DHIS2 to new regions,
  • Training on maintenance of the DHIS2 in existing regions,
  • Workshops with regional and district staff to review and apply guidelines for supportive supervision, data collection, data use, reporting, and analysis.
  • Supporting the planning and facilitation of a workshop to review the status of the DHIS2 roll-out and progress against the harmonized MESI operational plan and joint work plan

Similar work was also done with MoH and USAID partners in Zanzibar.

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