Hybrid paper-to-digital pictorial interface for CHV MNCH supply chains



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inSupply Health has received a Grand Challenges award, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. inSupply Health is an independent, regional advisory firm based in Nairobi that is pioneering new approaches for improving public health systems and supply chains in East Africa.

The inSupply submission titled, “Hybrid paper-to-digital pictorial interface for MNCH supply chains” was conceived and pitched as part of the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting Call-to-Action 2019 challenge. The annual meeting convened organizations working on the world’s toughest problems in global health and tasked attendees with pushing the boundaries of innovation. inSupply had earlier conducted human-centered design research that identified the need for its community health reporting system, cStock, to accommodate low literacy levels and allow for supply chain data transmission in the absence of smartphones and data networks. Health-E-Net’s technology uses a picture of manual forms designed for low literate users to be translated into digital data; when integrated with cStock, this data can power decisions in the health supply chain.

“inSupply Health is excited to be partnering with Health-E-Net to reduce barriers for reporting by community health volunteers in low-literate, nomadic, semi- nomadic and hard-to-reach populations. As two African social enterprises, we are combining our respective strengths in supply chain and innovative interfaces to enhance digital health locally, and improve availability of health commodities and health outcomes in historically marginalized communities.” Yasmin Chandani, CEO, inSupply Health

inSupply Health is thrilled to bring our experience and perspectives into the newest Grand Challenges network of partnerships for elevated and cumulative learning. These connections reinforce the importance of collaborative problem solving focused on the strength of African innovation and research.

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