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The outsized impact on Black and Latinx communities in the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the urgency of why we must transform the Massachusetts healthcare system to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare, and work towards health equity for all. Massachusetts has been a leader in health reform, starting with the adoption of Chapter 58 in 2006, which became the model for the Affordable Care Act. Massachusetts has the opportunity to apply the same level of innovation and commitment to advancing health equity as the next chapter in health reform.

Leading this charge is the Health Equity Compact ("the Compact"), which brings together over 50 Black and Latinx leaders who aim to advance health equity together in Massachusetts. Compact members are high-level executives and experts from a diverse set of health, business, labor, and philanthropic organizations, including hospitals, health centers, payers, academic institutions, and public health. The Compact's mission is to realize bold statewide policy and institutional practice changes that center racial justice and health equity.

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. provides technical support to the Health Equity Compact through project management, facilitation, policy research and development, materials development, and communications and event support.

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