Evaluating the Processes and Impact of the South County Health Equity Zone Initiative



Rhode Island Department of Health


United States

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JSI is working with the Rhode Island South County Hospital and its partners to evaluate their county-wide initiative to address childhood obesity and youth mental health, targeting the most disadvantaged communities.

The South County, Rhode Island Health Equity Zone Initiative developed strategies based on community needs. The initiative brings together healthcare, community-based organizations, schools, and other key constituents to establish integrated systems that ensure access to healthy foods and youth mental health services.

As the lead evaluator, JSI is monitoring and evaluating the partner networks and how interventions are adopted and implemented as well as short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes including reach, effectiveness, and maintenance. JSI has worked with South County Hospital, HEZ Steering Committee, and subcontractors to develop an evaluation plan and data collection methods that help to document the processes, progress, and impact of the multi-collaborative work.

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