Developing Waste Management Guidance Material



Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance



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Health care waste management is an integral component of any immunization program, and the health system overall. The increasing importance of health care waste management due to continued growth and success of immunization programs has led to a call for developing immunization waste management guidance materials to enable Gavi-eligible countries to better plan and perform waste management approaches.

With this project funded by Gavi, JSI will develop waste management guidelines that will:

  • assist countries in proposing and budgeting for waste management activities as part of their proposals to Gavi for support
  • provide recommendations that Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, could do to incentivize country planning and management of waste
  • provide recommendations to countries on waste management

The final guidance, which will include both recommendations for countries and Gavi, will be a result of global and country-based reviews of existing practices, resources, tools, and innovations addressing immunization waste management. In addition, a compendium of key applicable and adaptable resources will be developed using materials collected during the literature review and country interviews for both country and partner use. Development of these guidelines and resources will better enable countries to plan and address their immunization health care waste management needs protecting patients, communities, health workers and the environment.

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