COVID-19 Vaccine Collaborative Supply Planning Initiative

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The COVID-19 vaccine collaborative supply planning (CSP) initiative is a coordinated and proven intervention to enhance the COVID-19 vaccine supply planning ecosystem.

Leveraging current global and local planning processes and data sources, the initiative has developed an approach to triangulate and analyze information to create and maintain robust and agile supply plans to support decision-making. While this is a country-focused effort, the data and tools generated can contribute to global and regional planning and inform process improvements, particularly in connecting data and its use between the country and global levels, ultimately to ensure it is timely, adequate quantities of the COVID-19 vaccine to meet local and global vaccination coverage goals.

The initiative engages a network of stakeholders and partners involved in COVID-19 vaccine supply planning from global, regional, and country levels including Ministries of Health, UNICEF, GAVI, WHO, WFP, ACDC, BMGF, USAID, JSI, VillageReach, CHAI, PATH, Guidehouse, inSupply, and JSHZ to ensure a standardized approach and coordinated response.

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