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Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance established its Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP) in 2015 as part of a strategy to strengthen vaccine supply chains and achieve better immunization equity and coverage. JSI is conducting a prospective evaluation on CCEOP to assess its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, outcomes, and sustainability of the investment. JSI’s research will allow Gavi to gain better insight into how the design of the platform is shaping the market for optimal cold chain equipment and how countries are responding to and implementing CCEOP grants. The evaluation's findings will help inform Gavi on how CCEOP can be most effective at both global and country levels.

With one in five children still not immunized and at risk of preventable life-threatening diseases in low and middle-income countries, immunization programs are under pressure to improve performance and efficiency, increase coverage, and reach the fifth child. At the same time, new vaccines are being introduced, and immunization supply chain management (iSCM) systems are being stretched to accommodate ever-increasing volumes and varieties of vaccines and presentations. As a response to these challenges, Gavi’s Supply Chain Strategy has placed attention on an efficient and effective iSCM to ensure the potency of vaccines and increased availability. A fundamental part of the strategy includes the establishment of the CCEOP. At the global level, CCEOP includes a market-shaping component to improve the availability and installation of high-performing cold chain equipment (CCE), underscoring the need to ensure the market for CCE is healthy and countries are procuring durable, high-performing products with Gavi funding. Gavi must now understand how the design of the platform is shaping the market for optimal cold chain equipment and how countries are responding to and implementing CCEOP grants.

JSI is conducting a prospective evaluation of CCEOP between 2018 and 2020 in Kenya, Pakistan, and Guinea to assess the progress of the CCEOP against the original objectives while keeping in mind the other channels through which countries are obtaining CCE and understanding details of the processes followed in the deployment process. The country-level implementation focuses on achievements in upgrading and expanding CCE and creating a more efficient and effective supply chain. The market-shaping aspect considers progress made in promoting healthy markets and improved optimal market conditions while also considering any unintended consequences. Results of this evaluation will ultimately improve the design of the platform with both market-shaping and country-level implementation in mind.

In collaboration with local research partners, JSI will conduct baseline, endline, and periodic assessments of health facilities and interviews of key stakeholders. The study will triangulate information from multiple sources to inform better planning, scale-up, roll-out and implementation of the CCEOP in other countries as Gavi expands its approach. In addition to country-level assessments, data will be collected and triangulated to report on CCEOP market shaping intervention outcomes. The outcomes of the evaluation will contribute to helping the Alliance improve the design of the platform, including Gavi’s cold chain equipment (CCE) market shaping strategies, and to help countries implementing the platform.

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