African-American Health Equity Initiative: Landscape Analysis Project



Susan G. Komen Foundation


United States

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We are conducting a landscape analysis for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s (Komen) African-American Health Equity Initiative (AAHEI). The project provides an opportunity to better understand the root causes of underlying disparities in breast cancer among African-American women. Specifically, it aims to elevate a much-needed community perspective regarding the impact of racism and discrimination on individual and community health and well-being, as well as to explore community needs, and barriers and facilitators to timely breast cancer screening and treatment.

Our team will be conducting secondary data analysis, GIS mapping, a literature and policy review, and collecting qualitative data among community members—breast cancer survivors, undiagnosed women, providers and patient navigators—through focus groups and interviews. This project is being conducted across 12 metropolitan areas in the country, identified by Komen as areas with the highest disparities in breast cancer and the focus for their AAHEI project. Komen aims to partner with communities to reduce breast cancer disparities by 25% in 5 years. Findings from this landscape analysis project will inform the design and implementation of Komen’s collaboration and Collective Impact efforts.

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