Person-centered Care during COVID-19

April 3rd, 2020 | News


As health care systems become overburdened by COVID-19, how can we continue to work toward a patient-centered approach? Natalie Truesdell explores the interconnected elements of the health system that can contribute to the care being provided.

In a new podcast from the Institute for Person-Centered Care at St. Ambrose University, host John Bowser and Natalie discuss the importance of continuing to incorporate person-centered practices at the health care system level during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now is not the best time to implement new systems, when so many resources are focused on emergency preparedness and response,” says Natalie.

Health systems can look toward the infrastructures that currently exist to ensure patient-centered care, including patient advisory board counsels.”

Increasing consumer feedback to health systems, including hospitals, is also critical. The current pandemic is demonstrating how connected we all are, and Natalie notes that in the field of public health, we know that when we bring diverse perspectives to the table, the system is strengthened. Encouraging and supporting partnerships in this difficult time is critical.

Listen to the podcast:

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