On-the-job Mentoring Helps Service Providers Identify Areas with Low Routine Immunization Access and Use

August 28th, 2017 | News


The inability of service providers to conduct settlement analysis prevents the identification of settlements within their catchment areas that have not accessed routine immunization (RI).

Hajiya Binta Madawaki conducting RI settlement data analysis. Photo credit: JSI/MCSP Muhammed Abdulkarim.
Hajiya Binta Madawaki conducting RI settlement data analysis. Photo credit: JSI/MCSP Muhammed Abdulkarim.

In response, JSI’s Maternal and Child Survival Program team conducted supportive supervision with a series of on-the-job trainings on RI data settlement analysis. The settlement data analysis table monitors immunization activities and guides actions and interventions that might be needed. RI data settlement analysis facilitates identification of settlements that have problems accessing and using immunization services.

Hajiya Binta Madawaki, a 50-year-old service provider with 18 years of experience in RI service delivery, was initially reluctant to learn to use this approach due its perceived difficulty and her dislike for calculations. With technical support and training from the JSI team, her view was transformed. Hajiya now conducts settlement analysis with ease and is able to identify and ensure that settlements that have low immunization coverage access services.

A major motivation for Hajiya to learn and use RI data settlement analysis was the ability to make evidence-based decisions for interventions in the catchment settlements of the health facility where she works. She never thought that at her age, nearing retirement, she would be able to analyze and use the data that she had always found so difficult to use. As she began to understand the rationale behind it, she could not conceal her enthusiasm.

“Before now, I thought data collection and analysis was unnecessary, difficult, and extra work. Now it makes a lot of sense, knowing that I can use the data at my level and age to take corrective measures and ensure that I improve in my job. I believe this will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals of making sure that all eligible children are reached and immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases,” she said.

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