New Article Assessing India’s Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network

November 30th, 2020 | News


A new article, Programmatic assessment of electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN), written by a team including JSI’s Pritu Dhalaria, has been published in PLoS ONE.

Rolled out in 12 states of India in 2015, eVIN digitizes vaccine stocks through a smartphone application and helps program managers and cold chain handlers integrate technology into their everyday work. India had struggled with the management of its immunization supply chain and logistics system in the past, with challenges related to record keeping and temperature monitoring. eVin was introduced by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Government of India to digitize stock details, storage temperature, and enable real-time visibility of inventories. This article assessed eVIN’s effect on vaccine use, vaccine stock and distribution management, and documentation across selected cold chain points.

The authors concluded that eVIN helped streamline the vaccine flow network and ensured equity through better vaccine management practices, and provided an example of how technology can be used to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public health measures.

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