JSI Mourns the Loss of Paddy DiPadova

January 7th, 2021 | News


We recently lost a wonderful and inspiring colleague, Paddy DiPadova, who concluded her battle with ALS on December 8, 2020.

Paddy first joined JSI/New Hampshire when she was still working at the New London Hospital, providing managerial support to the hospital’s primary care practices. When the JSI/Community Health Institute (CHI) office was launched, Paddy was recruited to join the board. She was a great board member, but her experience working with medical practices was so enticing that she was persuaded to leave New London Hospital and join JSI as the first official employee at JSI/CHI in June 1997, bringing a unique set of operational skills that proved invaluable on many projects. 

Paddy was a proud Dartmouth alum, graduating with a degree in psychology and she went on to earn her MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

Staff have remembered that Paddy was a wonderful member of the JSI/CHI family and famously contributed her red and white candy cane sugar cookies to the office cookie swap each year, typically baked with the help of her kids the weekend before the swap. 

She was a brilliant, brilliant colleague, and one of the most resilient women any of us may ever know.” 

Another colleague writes: “I had the opportunity to work with her on projects that took us to the rural, northernmost reaches of New Hampshire and Maine. There we conducted healthcare-associated infection (HAI) validations at hospitals in both states, and in New Hampshire, we conducted needs assessments at rural hospitals that lead to the establishment of a Rural Health Technical Assistance Network. On those projects, we often traveled together for many miles.  It was during these long road trips that I was fortunate to get to know Paddy more intimately, her lively sense of humor and the amazing life she led.”  

“She spent much of her childhood years in Bar Harbor, Maine. While traveling through Maine on one of our HAI visits, she remembered stopping to see “Paul Bunyan” as a child. She really wanted me to see him, too. So in between hospital visits in Bangor, ME we took a break to check to see if he was still standing and sure enough:

Learn more about Paddy DiPadova in her obituary in the Eagle Times.

Paddy is survived by her children Emmett, Anthony, and Molly, and her cats, Maizey and Finley. 

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