New MOMENTUM Landscape Review and Overview on Measuring and Monitoring Adaptive Learning

July 26th, 2022 | News


Exploring new processes and skill sets can be instrumental in improving health program performance. One example of this is adaptive learning, which includes the adoption of strategies and actions to facilitate critical reflection and analysis of information and knowledge to optimize program implementation and effectiveness in expected, unexpected, and changing circumstances. We recently produced two documents focused on measuring and monitoring adaptive learning through USAID’s MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator. Introducing adaptive learning in global health programming is part of a strategy to advance a learning culture within projects and teams.

Monitoring and evaluating of adaptive learning interventions and organizational capacity to learn and adapt is an emergent field aiming to monitor how adaptive learning processes have been introduced, how they are used, and whether they achieve intended results. Unlike other implementation strategies and program management approaches, there are no standard metrics or frameworks to track the integration, implementation, and effectiveness of adaptive learning in health programming.

Both the overview and landscape review of Measuring and Monitoring Adaptive Learning highlight learning from five adaptive programming guidelines and toolkits and one implementation science framework. These documents would be useful for project implementers who wish to monitor and track the integration of adaptive processes into routine programming and improve organizational capacity to collect and use data for program modification and performance improvement.

Please click the following links to learn more:
Measuring and Monitoring Adaptive Learning: An Overview
Measuring and Monitoring Adaptive Learning: A Landscape Review

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