Mira Levinson Appointed Director of JSI’s U.S. Health Services Boston Office

July 27th, 2021 | News


JSI is pleased to announce that Mira Levinson has been appointed the new director of the Boston office for U.S. Health Services.

Since our founding in 1978, Boston remains JSI’s headquarters. For more than 40 years, John Snow, Inc. has been dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities, and to providing an environment where people of passion can pursue this cause in our U.S. work and around the world.

Our Boston office comprises 120 U.S. Health Services staff members who work with federal and national partners, state and local health departments, hospitals, health centers, and community organizations both locally and across the country. 

“JSI is a phenomenal group of interdisciplinary, multi-generational, innovative, dedicated and brilliant public health professionals,” notes Mira. “My goal as office director is to foster an environment that brings out and illuminates the best in each of our staff members, facilitating synergies, innovation, and excellence.  I am thrilled for this leadership opportunity as we engage in the collective public health journey toward health equity and anti-racism, and continue to implement tailored, evidence-informed, community-led programs.”

For the past 23 years, Mira has worked in JSI’s U.S. Health Services Division. Her work is centered on supporting and improving HIV service delivery systems and programs throughout the United States. Mira leads national and state projects focused on health reform policy research and implementation, health literacy, infectious disease capacity building and quality improvement, and community HIV planning. 

Mira has also led multi-year monitoring, evaluation, and data reporting activities for federal, state, city and community-based programs. She has a well-earned national reputation in HIV and infectious diseases and has led many of our key projects in this area, most notably for the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau and for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She brings a system-wide and equity lens to her project work and to her management and staff development roles. 

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