Mahefa Miaraka Presents Best Practices to Government, USAID

June 6th, 2018 | News


Senior Madagascar government officials, USAID and UN representatives, and community actors joined the USAID Community Capacity for Health Program, locally known as Mahefa Miaraka, to learn about the program’s approaches and best practices at a dissemination event in Antananarivo, Madagascar on June 6, 2018. The program, which is now halfway through its implementation period, supports the Ministry of Public Health’s efforts to reduce maternal, newborn, and child morbidity and mortality by strengthening community health service delivery and management for a population of 6.1 million people in seven of Madagascar’s regions.

During the event, Mahefa Miaraka highlighted its contributions towards universal health coverage in Madagascar through testimonials from community health volunteers and other community actors and partners.

“I hope that their stories will inspire you in your work so that together we can continue moving toward accessible, affordable, and quality health services for all,” Mahefa Miaraka Chief of Party Dr. Yvette Ribaira said to attendees at the event.

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Mahefa Miaraka supports each of the three elements of universal health coverage:

Access: Mahefa Miaraka has increased community access to quality health services by training and equipping nearly 10,000 CHVs to provide basic health services for women and children.
Quality: The program has strengthened the quality of community health services by forging stronger links and mentorship between CHVs and 732 primary health care centers.
Affordability: Mahefa Miaraka works alongside community-based microinsurance groups, known as Mutuelles de Santé, through which 19,646 people have the ability to access affordable health care.

Ultimately, Mahefa Miaraka is enhancing the capacity of the public sector to plan, provide, and manage community health services and reinvigorate community engagement in health.

Mahefa Miaraka is a collaboration between the Ministry of Public Health, USAID, and JSI, in partnership with Family Health International 360, Transaid, and the Action Socio-sanitaire Organization Secours of Madagascar.

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