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Beginning in 1992 with its management of the Resources for Child Health (REACH) project’s Emergency Childhood Immunization initiative, JSI has worked in Turkmenistan to implement and improve health systems addressing issues of reproductive health and family planning, neonatal and pediatric care, immunization, and more. JSI has implemented, among others, the BASICS Project, REACH, ZdravPlus, and the Central Asian Program on AIDS Control and Intervention Targeting Youth and High-Risk Groups (CAPACITY) Project to bring health services and commodities to those in need in Turkmenistan. More recently, JSI manages the Together for Health Project (formerly the Turkmenistan Youth Centers Project), which works with youth and other key populations (e.g., sex workers, people who inject drugs) to provide them with the knowledge and skills to prevent HIV, STIs, and TB and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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JSI has been working in Turkmenistan since 1992.



JSI has implemented more than 4 projects in Turkmenistan.

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Providing Educational Opportunities for Underprivileged Turkmenistan Youth