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Since 1990, JSI has assisted the government of the Philippines in the innovation of new strategies for healthcare systems. Our first in-country initiative was the USAID-funded Resources for Child Health (REACH) project, which improved systems of immunization against common life-threatening diseases and care of acute respiratory infections. From 1995-2005, the Technical Assistance for the Conduct of Integrated Family Planning and Maternal Health Activities by Philippine Nongovernmental Organizations (TANGO) Project, pioneered the development, evaluation, and delivery of private sector models for providing healthcare, extending health commodities and services to mid-to-low income Philippino families. JSI continues its efforts in the Philippines, offering a range expertise and services to improve public health, and maternal and infant health in particular.

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JSI has been working in the Philippines since 1990.



JSI has implemented more than 10 projects in the Philippines.

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