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Our New Hampshire office works with public and private organizations to improve health status and foster innovation in health care and public health systems. Established in 1995, the JSI New Hampshire team, also known locally as the NH Community Health Institute (CHI),  provides technical assistance and consulting, training and research, health communications and social marketing, and evaluation services to build capacity to carry out health care and public health improvement initiatives designed to meet community needs.

New Hampshire

501 South Street
2nd Floor
Bow, NH 03304

Phone: 1.603.573.3300

Fax: 1.603.573.3301

Director, JSI/New Hampshire

Katie Robert

New Hampshire Placeholder
New Hampshire

Originally a team of two expatriates from the Boston office when it launched in 1995, JSI-NH has grown its staff capacity exponentially over the years.


In addition to providing capacity support to all 10 of the state’s counties and other national projects, JSI-NH’s portfolio also includes local work in 15 other states.

Space Expansions

Since its inception, JSI-NH has moved or expanded in to new office space six times to accomodate our continually-growing team.

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