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JSI has worked in the Kyrgyz Republic since 1992, working closely with the government to strengthen the health system at all levels to provide quality health services to its citizens.

Currently, JSI implements the USAID Cure Tuberculosis Project, a five-year initiative that will assist the Kyrgyz government to diagnose, treat, and cure people with drug-resistant tuberculosis. The Project works closely with the Kyrgyz government to ensure that tuberculosis services are both high-quality and accessible, even for the country’s most hard-to-reach citizens. 

Previously, JSI managed the Kyrgyz country program for USAID’s flagship global Maternal and Child Health Integrated Project (MCHIP), which achieved its goal by working within the existing health system at national, oblast, rayon, and health facility levels to better and more reliably monitor immunization services by identifying high-risk groups and by working more effectively with local community resources.

JSI managed the SPRING Nutrition project in partnership with the Kyrgyz Republic Ministries of Health and Agriculture and improved nutrition-related behaviors at the household level while also building capacity at the national level in support of nutrition-centered policy and decision-making.

Through the AIDSTAR-One project, JSI completed a series of assessments and training activities in the Kyrgyz Republic to improve infection prevention practices and map HIV clinical and social support services in selected urban settings. JSI also supported the state social contracting process in the country through the Advancing Partners & Communities project. JSI worked with local HIV/AIDS NGOs to strengthen their capacity in multiple areas in preparation for domestic financing of HIV.


Office 6
15 Razzakov Street
Bishkek City, 720040 Kyrgyz Republic


21 Erkindik street
Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic

Country Project Director

Aijamal Adieva

TB DIAH/Bishkek

Office 23 Razzakova# 15
Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic

Project Director

Totugul Murzabekova

Kyrgyz Republic Placeholder
Kyrgyz Republic

Years of Experience

JSI has been working in Kyrgyz Republic since 1992.



JSI has implemented more than 12 projects in Kyrgyz Republic.

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