JSI Presents on the Addiction Continuum at NatCon18

April 23rd, 2018 | News


The 2018 National Council for Behavioral Health National Conference takes place in Washington DC, April 23–25, 2018.

In the panel, Impacting the Addiction Continuum: Case Studies in Advancing a Prevention Agenda to Improve Outcomes Within and Beyond the Clinic Walls, JSI prevention specialist Katy Shea, MPH, CPS, will present on behavioral and public health practice integration and how these strategies impact population-based health outcomes as they relate to the addiction continuum. The panel session, planned by the National Network of Public Health Institutes, will highlight collaborative and multi-sector public health strategies underway in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Join Katy Shea on Monday, April 23, between 2:45 PM–3:45 PM, where she will highlight the role of the NH Center for Excellence in supporting substance misuse prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery in NH.

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