JSI presents at the New Hampshire Behavioral Health Summit

December 5th, 2018 | News


Alcohol and other drug misuse and disorders place a significant strain on families, workplaces, communities, and health care systems. Initiatives to prevent and reduce the use of of tobacco and the misuse of alcohol, opioids, and other drugs, and to improve access to treatment and recovery, benefit communities.

The New Hampshire Behavioral Health Summit, on December 10, 2018, convenes the behavioral health community to discuss current policy, promote collaboration, and understand the changing landscape of substance use and mental health across the state.

JSI staff will present its approach across the continuum of prevention, early identification, treatment, and recovery support services related to substance use disorders including opioid addiction.


Monday, December 10, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Adelaide Murray

A4: Hello, I am a Millennial: Framing Young Adult Culture and Value Systems for Behavioral Health Professionals

This presentation provides professionals with a better understanding of this expanding, often misunderstood age group, to develop communication for productive relationships in the behavioral health workforce and system of care.

Tuesday, December 11, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Rekha Sreedhara and Anna Ghosh

F1: Medication Assisted Treatment: Striving for Quality

This workshop will support provision of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), with a focus on quality implementation and measurement of progress; provide a step-by-step guide to integrate a MAT program in an outpatient care setting; and suggest resources for provider teams to use on an ongoing basis.

MAT Guidance Tool

Learn more about our substance use work in alcohol, opioids, and other drugs and tobacco around the United States.

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